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Resume of Dr. Frontov

Dr. Valery V. Frontov

Vice – Chairman of «Information and Telecommunication Technologies» branch of Russian Academy of Natural Sciences (ITT RAEN), Chairman of Working Group 9 Telecommunication Regulations, Adviser of General Director of the biggest Russian cellular company VympelCom (trade markBee Line) , Ph.D. Degree in Radio engineering (1979), Senior staff scientist, Honorary radio specialist of USSR, Vice-president of National Radio Association, Member of Russian GSM Association and Regional Cellular operators Boards, Member of State Duma Committee Expert Council, Academician of International Communications Academia, Corresponding Member of Russian Academia of Natural Science(RAEN), published over 100 scientific papers and inventions on telecommunications issues, Spectrum Management and Regulations framework of operators activity.

More then 30 years conducting research & development and methodological works in Research Authority of the Ministry of Defense and in the operator company.

Scientific and professional experience:

Experienced in International regulatory and standardization telecom bodies as ITU, ETSI.

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