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Resume of Dr. Arhipkin V.Ya

Dr. Vladimir Ya. Arkhipkin

The Chairman of WG2 Broadband Wireless Access technologies branch of Russian Academy of Natural Sciences Information and Telecommunication Technologies.

Ph. D. Degree in Radio Engineering, Senior Research Officer, General Director of Kedah Electronics Engineering LLC. Author of above 60 scientific articles and 2 books. Holder of 7 patents. Area of scientific expertise is in communication theory, data transmitting systems and devices, digital signals processing. From year 1999 to 2004 made an important contribution into development of wideband wireless communication systems of third generation.

Professional and scientific fields of activity:

Has great experience in cooperation with European, Asian and American communication systems development offices and IC design houses and plants. Member of 3G and Bluetooth Associations, Committee-man of Scientific Organization of Radioelectronics and Communication of Russia, Member of Scientific Board of A.S. Popov Radioelectronics and Communication of Russia, candidate of master of sport (in wrestling). Presently, manages research-and-production staff of 98 people in the position of General Director.

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