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31st session of SmartM2M Technical Committee (Machine-to-machine smart communications technologies)


31st session of SmartM2M Technical Committee (Machine-to-machine smart communications technologies) and 1st test of M2M (Plugtests) ETSI intra-network interaction’s interfaces took place in Sophia Antipolis (France) on 8-12 September, 2014.


The delegation of ITT RANS at the 31st session of SmartM2M Technical Committee (Smart machine-to-machine interaction), held at the headquarters of the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI) in Sophia-Antipolis (France), was represented by professor V.O.Tikhvinskiy, Doctor of Economics, Chairman of ITT RANS; V.Ya.Arkhipkin, PhD in Technical Sciences, Corresponding Member of RANS, Head of WG2; and by B.I.Nurgozhin, PhD in Physics and Mathematics, a foreign member of RANS, Academician at RANS. The inviting party was ​​ETSI.


31st session of SmartM2M ETSI Technical Committee was attended by 30 delegates from 12 countries of Europe and the world, as well as representatives of the ETSI Secretariat, national standards bodies, members representing the developers of equipment: Ericsson, Gemalto, FUJITSU Labs Europe, Alcatel-Lucent, and providers: ORANGE, Deutsche Telekom, Telecom Italia, Kcell (Kazakhstan), representatives of two Communications Administrations (regulatory authority) of Hungary and Germany. The remaining members present were representatives of research and innovative companies, including “IcomInvest” LLC.

31st session of SmartM2M/ETSI Technical Committee was more representative than the previous two held in Sofia-Antipolis (France) and Venice (Italy) in 2014. At the session of the SmartM2M Technical Committee there was used a procedure of virtual presence of 3 members of the Technical Committee based on web-connections and broadcast of conference calls. At the 31st session of the SmartM2M Committee 53 working papers were considered (www.etsi.org).

Traditionally, the 31st session of SmartM2M Technical Committee ETSI started with consideration of the results of working groups in the period from the 30th meeting of M2M TC (May 2014, Venice).

Two main trends identified the work of the 31st SmartM2M/ETSI Committee:

  • Development of methods and testing of base principles of interaction in M2M networks (for standardized network architecture);
  • New scenarios and M2M business models for SmartCity scenario (target efforts of developers aimed at municipal budgets of European cities).

9 active research questions and 3 new research issues in the field of technology-based solutions to Internet of Things (IoT), and M2M solutions were included in the area of ​​responsibility of SmartM2M committee. The main task of the committee is to support European mandates and to create a bridge between European needs in standards of M2M and oneM2M partnership project in the field of M2M and Internet of Things. In addition, the M2M committee status as the EU competence center in the field of M2M has been confirmed.

At the plenary session of the SmartM2M Technical Committee the following questions were presented:

  • Implementation of decisions of the 98th session of ETSI Board;
  • Results of the annual conference of the Global Forum for Standardization GSC-18, which considered the contribution of M2M networks in BigData business model, as well as issues of intra-network interaction between devices of the Internet of things;
  • Fulfillment of the EU mandates on smart metering M441 and management of energy networks M490;
  • Implementation of M468 mandate of the European Commission to ensure the charge of electric vehicles.

The main issue of the 31st session of M2M/ETSI Technical Committee has become a “Smart City” business scenario and its subordinate scenarios: Smart District, Smart Office, Smart Transport, Smart Home, SmartHealthcare and Smart Shopping. This work was initiated at the 95th meeting of ETSI Board. ETSI Board at its 98th meeting, in addition to the development of Technical standards for “Smart City” business scenario, supported the establishment of research areas "Smart Appliance for "Smart house" and "Consumer Electronics" business scenarios. In 2014 at the European level a special European Innovation Partnership (EIP) was established on Smart Cities and Communities. The theme of Smart City has been included in the list of strategic development directions of ETSI standards for 2014.

At the 31st session of SmartM2M TC the results of oneM2M Partnership project were reported:

  • Report of the PRO oneM2M WG containing the results of the development of three protocols under oneM2M Release 1 ("Core Protocol", "CoAP Protocol Binding" and "HTTP Protocol Binding"). The content of Technical specifications of these protocols is 70% ready;
  • Report of the oneM2M ARC WG containing the results of modification of Release 1 (TS 0001) in terms of subscription management, device location, intra-network interaction with 3GPP networks;
  • Report of the SEC oneM2M WG containing the results of modification of technical specifications Release 1 (TS 0003) on security of M2M networks. The readiness of these specifications is estimated as 95%.
  • Report of oneM2M WG1 containing the results of modification of technical specifications Release 1 (TS 0011). The readiness of these specifications is estimated as 95%.

During 31st session more than 50 papers on main directions of SmartM2M/ETSI TC were reviewed.

Much work has been done on improving the requirements for M2M and IoT networks, as well as on amendments and additions to the following new technical specifications of ETSI:

TR XXXXX – Iop Test Specifications for M2M Primitives;

TS 102 921 – M2M mIa, dIa and mId interfaces;

TR 103 118 – Extension and harmonization of Smart Energy Security Solutions;

TR 103 290 – Impact of Smart City activity on IoT Environment;

TS 102 690 – R2 Maintenance: M2M functional architecture;

TS 102 921 – R2 Maintenance: M2M mIa, dIa and mId interfaces;

TS 103 264 – Smart App: Ontology & Mapping;

TS 103 267 – Smart App: communication fwk;

TS 103 268-1 – Smart App: testing methodology;

TS 103 268-2 –SAP Conformance Testing PICS;

TS 103 268-3 – SAP Conformance Testing TSS&TP;

TS 103 268-4 – SAP Conformance Testing ATS&PIXIT. 

There were also considered proposals to open new topics in the development of the following technical standards of ETSI, relating to “Smart Devices” business models:

  • “New WI on SAP Ontology & Communication FWK Conformance testing: Part 2: PICS”;
  • “New WI on SAP Ontology & Communication FWK Conformance testing: Part 3: TSS & TPs”;
  • “New WI on SAP Ontology & Communication FWK Conformance testing: Part 4: ATS & PIXI”. 

Reports of companies FUTJITSU, Telecom Italia, ENNESSER, ETSI Secretariat were presented on:

  • Updated version of the "Smart City" report;
  • Contribution to the safety aspects of the "Smart City” business model;
  • Adjustment of the “Smart City” report frameworks;
  • Participants of use cases for the “Smart city” business model.

The question of cyber and network security continues to be one of the most pressing for the development of M2M networks and continues to be investigated at the junction of two ETSI committees.

At the session there were discussed proposals on preparation of SmartM2M ETSI presentation “Expectations of EC and proposals on ways of future development of “Internet of Things" for the following areas: IoT for people”, IoT in motion, IoT for house , IoT for city and IoT for energy system. 

Also the status of preparations for the 5th annual international seminar on M2M ETSI in the period from 8 to 12 December, 2014 (Mandelieu, France) was considered. Furthermore, workshops on “Digital connection and smart appliances based on ETSI M2M standards” were approved. The workshop was appointed to October 16, 2014 within the walls of ETSI (Sophia Antipolis).

In addition, the M2M committee results of the first half of 2014 (http://portal.etsi.org/docbox/m2m), as a leading European competence and standardization authority in the field of SmartM2M, were summarized at the closing plenary session of the SmartM2M TC. Besides, the work program of SmartM2M for up to the end of the year and status of each standard were considered, and the schedule of the Technical Committee meetings was updated for 2014 – 2015.

During the period from September 10 to 12 the first European event on testing M2M networks was conducted at the ETSI test area.

This event was aimed at testing intra-network interaction of M2M network architecture elements, checking base principles of compatibility of M2M network’s elements, defined in ETSI standards, and at checking the functionality of "end device – end device" (E2E) chain on M2M ETSI dIa, mId and mIa interfaces.

Tests on compatibility were based on scenarios of TS 102 690 (Functional architecture of M2M networks) and TS 102 921 (ETSI dIa, mId and mIa interfaces) standards.

Seven companies-developers of interfaces from 4 countries participated in testing: AAS-CNRS (France), FraunHofer FOKUS (Germany), DASAN (S.Korea), Italtel (Italy), ETRI (S.Korea), Actility (France), e-Device (France). Test solutions that were proposed by developers for different applications and infrastructure elements of M2M network are shown in Table 1.

                 Table 1


Applications and elements of 2 network infrastructure












FraunHofer FOKUS




































GSCL - Gateway service capability layer 

NSCL - Network service capability layer 

DA - Device Applications

GA - Gateway applications

NA - Network applications

Test participants had the possibility to check common mechanisms of M2M networks performance (registration, subscription, device discovery, access rights, etc.) specified in the TS 102 690 standard for various M2M use cases. The testing was based on the project of Technical Specifications DTS-SmartM2M-0028 ETSI M2M Interoperability TestSpecification-v.0.0.1.

The interaction in M2M network between M2M devices and M2M applications was ensured on the "client – server client" principle, where both elements acted as client applications.

Next 32nd session of the M2M Technical Committee is scheduled for the period from 8 to 12 December, 2014 in Mandelieu (France), and 13th meeting of oneM2M - in Phoenix (USA) for the period from 22 to 26 September, 2014. 

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