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The XXVII ISPIM Innovation Conference


The XXVII  ISPIM Innovation Conference – Blending  Tomorrow’s  Innovation  Vintage  took place  in  Porto,  Portugal, 19-22 June  2016, luring in 500 international corporate innovation practitioners and leading innovation management researchers.  Organized  by  ISPIM,  in  partnership  with  ANI - Agência  Nacional  de  Inovação  (the  National  Innovation  Office of Portugal), this conference is aimed at innovation researchers, industry executives, thought leaders and policy makers.

ISPIM (The International Society for Professional Innovation Management) is a network of researchers, industrialists, consultants and public bodies who share an interest in innovations management.

Over 250 participants presentations from academic, research, consulting, industry, intermediary and policy focused on the following general themes or Conference Focus Themes: 

  • Technology entrepreneurship & the creative Industries,
  • Innovating in traditional sectors,
  • Funding and financing the innovation cycle,
  • Innovation policies and instruments.

The three-day programme  included: 8 Industry-Leading Keynote Speakers; 26 "Hot Topic" Roundtable Discussions; 25 Facilitated Themed Sessions with around 250 Academic and Practitioner Presentations; 7 Special Interest Groups; 6 Academic Research Development Sessions, All Day Industry Mach Making.

The presentations and key notes were made by experts from over 50 countries including from well-known organizations such as: Tata, Harvard University, Xerox, University of Cambridge, SAP, Siemens, Detecon Consulting, UCLA, Lockheed Martin, Lancaster University, The European Commission, Alcatel-Lucent, Nokia etc.

The conference organised visits to four industrial clusters in the area of Porto and CEiiA welcomed a group of innovation management experts from different countries that had the opportunity of getting acquainted with the experience of creating a cluster based on the development of sustainable mobility products and services.

ITT RAEN foreign member Dr. Julius Golovatchev (Detecon International GmbH / Deutsche Telekom Group, Cologne, Germany) participated on the conference with full academic paper  “The Impact of the IoT on Product Development and Management , which won the  The Best Technology Paper Award. The ISPIM Best Paper Award on Practical Implications for Technology” (sponsored by Nokia) made to the best  paper that emphasizes a technology-related topic and provides valuable implications for corporate practice.

The paper aims at integrating knowledge from the diverse fields into a comprehensive, practical approach for the development and implementation of the products and services using IoT technologies.

The research focused especially on the needs and challenges of innovation and product managers who have to find ways to cope with rising uncertainties and the problem of increasingly complex business environments and digitalization. Therefore, this paper presents the learnings that guides practitioners through implementation of industrial IoT and its impact on new product development and management. It gives them guidance on how the company's IoT project could be linked with its new product development initiatives.

The paper and presentation “The Impact of the IoT on Product Development and Management” are available upon request.

As with all ISPIM events, delegates have had great experience a taste of local culture at magnificent dinner venues so there were plenty of time for networking.

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