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Meeting with Chairman of ETSI Project eHealth Susan Wood


The meeting of scientists, ITT RAEN members and Chairman of Project Committee (EP) eHealth (Electronic Health) of the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI), Mrs. Susan (Suno) Wood took place in Moscow, 16 August 2016.

Valery Tikhvinskiy, Chairman of ITT RAEN, Doctor of Economics, Academician of RAEN and Alexander Babin, Head of WG14 ITT RAEN "M2M Technologies and Services", Ph.D. in Technical Sciences and Grigory Bochechka, Head of WG14 ITT RAEN "Innovative Telecommunications Management", Ph.D. in Technical Sciences, took part in the meeting.

The following issues were discussed during the meeting:

1. Plans and activities of ITT RAEN in IoT and 5G (V. Tikhvinskiy)

2. Plans for ETSI EP eHealth standardization in the field of IoT and 5G (S. Wood)

3. Demonstration of Innovative Radar capabilities (G. Bochechka)

4. Discussion of opportunities for cooperation between ITT RAEN and ETSI EP eHealth in Horizon 2020 (the biggest EU research and innovation program) and other 5G projects (S. Wood, V. Tikhvinskiy)

Ms. Suno Wood told in details about the plans of ETSI Project Committee eHealth activities and the importance of new areas of standardization related to the use of eHealth business models for 5G mobile communication technology.

Dr., Academician of RAEN V. Tikhvinskiy reported on the latest developments and results of 5G Rus project and told about jointly prepared project with M2M National Association which is called "The Rules of M2M devices application on Mobile networks". He also presented the new book of ITT RAEN scientists with title «Opportunities in 5G Networks: Research and Development Perspective», prepared by V. Tikhvinskiy and G. Bochechka together with scientists from University of Alabama. This book has been released by the CRC Press, US publishing group.

As a result of the discussion of prospects of ITT RAEN and ETSI EP eHealth interaction Suno Wood endorsed the idea of proposals for the organization of joint research project «5G for eHealth» and the initiation of its funding under Horizon 2020. The feasibility of preparing a request for proposal for the project 5G for eHealth and placing it on EU’s website www.ideal-ist.eu was defined. Ms. Sumo Wood will consider the possibility of supporting this work by ETSI EP eHealth while ITT RAEN will send an information letter to the Chairman of 5G PPP Werner Mohr about the possibility of such a project initiating.

The parties agreed to continue the discussion of the project details «5G for eHealth» in ETSI headquarters (Sophia Antipolis) in the course of participation in the 39th meeting of ETSI SmartM2M Technical Committee for the period from 5 to 9 of September 2016.

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