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Management in telecommunications

N. Reznikova, E. Demina, V. Tikhvinskiy, V. Burlak, etc. «Management in telecommunications» Moscow; EcoTrends, 2007. 392 p. with fig. (www.ekot.ru)

ISBN 5-88405-065-8

The wide range of theoretical and practical questions of business and communication networks management is considered. This book lights important aspects of communication business management in the conditions of socioeconomic life restructuring in the country, globalization and developments of Information Society. The process of general principles and methodology of management are shown as a part of vertical market management taking into account features of technological processes and services in infoommuniation.

This book would be of interest not only to managers of telecommunication market, but advanced users of the market. The book includes: 

·         features of production management in telecommunication,
·         business structures and resource planning in telecommunications,
·         legal regulation and international aspects of telecommunication activity,
·         organization and management system of communication networks,
·         human resource management,
·         quality management and clients business relations,
·         financial, investment and innovative management, etc.

This book is intended for managers and specialists of telecommunication companies that have deals with various market directions, students and post-graduates studying telecommunication management.

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