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Telecommunication Regulations

V. Tikhvinskiy. Regulation and Economics of Mobile Communications. ¾ Moscow; Radio and Communications, 2003. 368 p. with fig..( www.techbook.ru).


ISBN 5-256-01628-8


An overview and trends of development of mobile communications market and factors of micro and macro levels impacting on the market are analyzed in this book. Goals, tasks and mechanism of government regulation of the market are given in the book. The Russian experience and European one on licensing, authorization and regulation of 2G/3G network operators’ activities are described here. A role of economic methods in spectrum management process is shown in this book taking into account economic and technical effectiveness of spectrum utilization. The most appropriate models of calculation of fees and charges for spectrum utilization by new technologies are defined. Processes of spectrum release and redeployment as methods of spectrum management on national and international levels are investigated. Methodology of organizational arrangements is developed and economic analysis on spectrum release and redeployment for development of 2G/3G networks is carried out as well. Mobile networks operators marketing activities on providing their competitiveness including tariff policy are analyzed. Strategic segmentation of mobile communications market is conducted and “portrait” of potential customers of 3G services is defined. Approaches to define 3G services tariff by network operators (taking into account international experience) are outlined. Investors activities and network operators investment strategies in the mobile communications market going from 2G to 3G are described.

This book is mainly intended for specialists, research workers, post-graduates and students, and for those that are interested in perspectives of mobile communications development and especially in regulation and economic issues.

Fig. 105. Tabl. 71. Lit. 175 names.

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