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Журнал "T-Comm"

M2M Technologies and Services

1. Monetization of LTE networks based on M2M services. Valery Tikhvinskiy, Grigory Bochechka, Alexander Minov

2. Partnerships project oneM2M: New paradigm in telecommunications development. Tikhvinskiy V.O.

3. М2М-solutions in vertical industries arias: pipeline transport, energy sector, municipal engineering services. Tikhvinskiy V.O., Babin A.I.

4. LTE networks infrastructure utilization for deployment M2M networks. Tikhvinskiy V.O., Terentev S.V.

5. Long-term business models and Sphere of M2M applications. Efficiency estimation. Tikhvinskiy V.O.

6. IMS platform utilization for management of М2М services. Tikhvinskiy V.O., Terentev S.V., Vysochin V.P.

7. Perspectives and service models for М2М networks. Tikhvinskiy V.O. 

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